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WW2 Bombings

Second World War German Air Attacks on Oxfordshire

Was your home town bombed in WWII?

Below are a series of  images from the maps drawn up by F.C. Condon, the Chief BRO (Bomb Recording Officer) in Oxfordshire in 1945. Unwatermarked, high-res versions of these maps can also be purchased from SOFO.

Oxfordshire Bombing Totals

This shows that there were 3831 bombs of all types dropped over Oxfordshire, causing 20 deaths and 60 other casualties, as well as 65 head of cattle. Over 300 houses were damaged as well as other buildings and utilities.

Oxfordshire WW2 Bombings: Banbury

Oxfordshire WW2 Bombings: Bicester & Ploughley

Oxfordshire WW2 Bombings: Chipping Norton

Oxfordshire WW2 Bombings: Witney

Oxfordshire WW2 Bombings: Bullingdon & Thame

Oxfordshire WW2 Bombings: Henley

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