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Our Museum Ambassadors

We are delighted to welcome you to join this new scheme at the Museum, which follows on from our current review and reflects one of the advancements we need as we move forward from the current Covid-19 disaster.

Central to the role is your ability to be an excellent communicator and the commitment to act as an advocate for the museum. This may mean representing the museum at official events, or within your own networks either at corporate or personal levels.

We may also call on you to offer advice or support with some specific projects that could help the museum  operate more effectively either through your own professional expertise or being able to introduce us to your own networks. 

Key to our future is our aim to become more resilient and as such details of our Friends Scheme and fundraising initiatives will be shared with you. 

If you are able to become more actively involved with these, then we would welcome you to their respective committees but more importantly we would like to share with you details of our fundraising plans so that you might distribute these with others and help our contacts grow. For example, in 2021 as a response to losing our ability to hold talks at the museum, we launched an excellent on-line talks programme. This enables us to have a constant way of raising much needed funds through on-line donations. As you share the details of the programme, more people will learn about the museum  and the military heritage of the county and through their support we can continue to build our resilience and care for the collections.

What you will receive from us:

We will give you a ‘Welcome Pack’, explaining the organisations history, key highlights since we opened and our plans for the next five – years. 

You will receive regular communications about our programme of events.

You will be invited to an annual social  event to update you on the museum and give you the opportunity to meet staff, Trustees and volunteers.

We will try not to bombard you with too many requests for help but we would like to keep you updated with our plans in order that you can advocate for us effectively. 

Next steps:

If you are interested in becoming one of our Ambassadors, please email our Museum Director, Ursula Corcoran to find out more; museumdirector@sofo.org.uk

Please note: the role is voluntary and with no renumeration but you will be an essential part of our Museum team.

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