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Over the Hills to Talavera

Over the Hills to Talavera


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Over The Hills to Talavera

Book I In The Series Over the Hills and Far Away - The Adventures of Bugler George Milton

Join George Milton on his journey from orphan to bugler, via his adoption by a Regimental Sergeant Major from the 95th Rifles. Battles and turbulence abound in this historically based account of the Napoleonic Wars.

George joins the regiment at the tail end of the Battle of Talavera, a desperate and dangerous time which threatened the very existence of the British Army.

Readers will experience George's adventures in helping the Spanish and Portuguese drive the French out of their countries, learning historical facts and lessons which hold true even in today's Rifles, the largest of Britain's infantry regiments.

The book is the first in a series that will appeal to a wide audience, from military historians to families and chronicles, what was essentially a world war spanning twenty-two bloody years.

Over the Hills to Talavera

Such a perfectly balanced marriage of historical fact and story-telling skill is rare in children’s literature but ‘Over the Hills to Talavera’ combines the power of history with a story based on real events to appeal to many generations. This enchanting family read introduces us to George Milton and his role in a turbulent period in history. Set during the Napoleonic Wars, this unusual book has a clear educational objective in addition to encouraging generations of families to read together: the experiences of the legendary 95th Rifles serve to inform and help us understand the present as much as they tell the important truth of the past.

It is illustrated by Christa Hook, an internationally renowned artist and illustrator.

The book is endorsed by HRH The Duchess of Cornwall, Colonel-in-Chief The Rifles,

“It is not often that we find such an interesting book that appeals to both children and adults alike, beautifully illustrated and with so much of the history that I recognise in my Regiment today”

It is also endorsed by Bernard Cornwell, who also provided the Foreword :

“This is the exciting story you’re about to read; how an unwanted orphan becomes one of the valued soldiers in one of the best regiments of the British army; the 95th Rifles. Join him as he begins his long and exciting journey ‘over the hills and far away! He might even have the good fortune to meet a tall, scarred officer called Richard Sharpe who, like George, begins his life in a Poor House, but finds fame and success as a green-jacketed Rifleman. I created Sharpe and so can assure you that he would have welcomed George Milton into his ranks.”



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