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Into Germany

C Troop of 249 Battery returned to Mierloo on 8 March. On the 13th the Battery (minus A Troop who had moved the previous day tasked with providing protection for the Royal Artillery 8 Corps Headquarters) left for the German town of Issum.

There is little reported in the War Diary between the 9th and the 20th apart from details of moves made by the various batteries of the 63rd Regiment.

A Commander in Chief’s certificate was awarded to Battery Sergeant Major R C Smith (249 Battery) on the 20th.

From the 20th onwards further moves are made, the most significant being the crossing of the River Rhine from the 24th onwards.

Major Barnett remarks of this period “…we were occupied with doing sundry guard jobs at bridges over the Maas and also guarding Corps HQ which were all pretty static jobs”

Of his new regimental commanding officer Barnett remarked “I personally got on with him very well indeed and found him a very likeable chap and certainly a brave man.”

Next up, the crossing of the Rhine.

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