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D-Day: Storming Fortress Europe (Under Fire Vol. 1)



D-Day: Storming Fortress Europe GN

6 June, 1944: a vast armada stands off the coast of Normandy; in the pre-dawn gloom gliders carrying British airborne troops approach their target. The first shots are about to be fired in ‘the Great Crusade’ to free Europe from Nazi occupation and thousands of troops will fight their way ashore in the teeth of deadly machine-gun and artillery fire from the German defenders. D-Day is about to begin.

The Normandy landings are brought alive in this electrifying graphic novel that tells the story of that Longest Day through the eyes of the men who were there. Discover an epic struggle as the Allies sought to overwhelm the German defenders by land, sea and air, who in turn battled desperately to drive the invasion back into the sea. Covering the full range of events from the earliest airborne assault through the struggle on the beaches and the desperate effort to establish a bridgehead inland, D-Day blends an authentic historical narrative with master illustration to reveal the full story of the day that changed the course of World War II.

First in the Under Fire series from Osprey Publishing, graphic novels exploring history’s most dramatic battles and campaigns through the eyes of the men who were there.

Author: Jack Chambers, Erik Hendrix
Illustrator: Esteve Polls
Number of Pages: 328

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