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History of Oxfordshire (with some Maths and Geography thrown in!)

This resource will support the home schooling of Maths, History and Geography by focussing on the impact of war on Oxfordshire.

The resource supports upper Key Stage 2 learning in these 3 curriculum areas 

  • Maths – chronology and Roman numerals
  • Geography – finding places on maps
  • History – local history, chronology, important historical events with national and local importance. 

This resource is suitable for learners aged 9 years and above.

How the resource works

  • > There are 4 sections each focussed on a period of history.
  • > After each section there will be activities to complete.
  • > Links will be provided to things like maps to help complete the activities.
  • > Definitions of key terms will be provided throughout the resource.
  • > The answers and suggestions for further investigation can be found at the end of the resource.

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