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Contemporary Collecting Campaign

Contemporary Collecting Campaign - The Soldiers' Story

Gifts and souvenirs soldiers have brought back for their families, including a bottle of sand brought back from Afghanistan, and carved animals from Kenya

Can you help?

We are always looking for the stories and objects that reflect the military life of the county.

Today, it is especially important as we are creating a picture of what modern soldiering is about for a new exhibition 'pod' at the museum.

We would like to collect any items of kit, personal stories; even blogs or videos. Anything that shows what military life is like today both on deployment overseas and supporting the country during national moments of crisis, such as during the pandemic.

Do you have?

 Poems/Art/Films/Short stories inspired by your experiences
 Photographs and Blueys
 Good luck charms
 Personal objects from deployments, maybe gifts or mementoes
 Uniform/kit items/insignia
 Gifts or goods you returned with
 Names of places within FOBs and temporary signage


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