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SOFO Online Talks – The Pegasus Bridge Story

Lockdown Lectures: The Pegasus Bridge Story

'brilliant stuff, very gripping and entertaining !' 

In the opening hours of D Day - 6 June 1944 - a small glider borne coup de main force seized key objectives in Normandy ahead of the main landings which marked the start of the invasion of Europe.  This is the story of the men in this operation, what happened when they hit the ground, how they took on their German enemies and why their actions that day will always be remembered in that part of France.

This lecture is one of the Army Flying Museum's Lockdown Lecture series and was created in partnership with the Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum. This lecture was first broadcast on 21st January 2021, the video you can watch below is an archived video including an edit of the live Q&A session that followed (an early part of the Q&A was affected by some sound issues, with the affected section re-recorded for the video below).

If you enjoy the lecture, please consider a donation to the Museum - your support helps us continue to preserve and present the county's stories of conflict, from the home front to the front lines.

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The Pegasus Bridge Story (First Broadcast 21 January 2021)

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