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Women of the ATA | Talk with Richard Poad

Women of the ATA | Talk with Richard Poad


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The men and women of Air Transport Auxiliary made a huge contribution to victory in World War II. Initially women were dismissed as not being up to a job as a pilot, flying unarmed, without radios and navigating by map reading. But they soon proved the critics wrong and achieved just as much as the men. ATA historian Richard Poad, from the ATA Museum in Maidenhead, tells their almost unbelievable story with a wealth of photographs and anecdotes from veterans whom he has met. You\'re guaranteed to be amazed and inspired! Don\'t forget to make time to browse the museum galleries when you attend this event. Your talk ticket includes general admission to the museum and all galleries (normally £6.50). Galleries open 2pm - 5pm. One of our series of events marking International Women\'s Day 2024.

Date: 10-March-2024
Time: 15:00

Location: Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum (The Briefing Room)
Type: physical

Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum
Park Street.
Oxfordshire OX20 1SN

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