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Oxfordshire Remembering 1914-18

Oxfordshire Remembering 1914-18


Oxfordshire Remembering 1914-18 describes the local reaction to the announcement of the Great War, and recounts individual journeys of many soldiers who enlisted. It shows the changing face of industry and life on the front line through the eyes of those who experienced the events first hand, providing a comprehensive insight into contemporary people’s feelings and how they coped with the struggles of World War 1.

Author: Jane Cotter. Published: 2014. Paperback, 160 pages.



4: Timeline

7: Acknowledgements

9: Introduction

12: Outbreak of war

33: Responding to war

54: Work of war

80: The front line

111: Home fires burning

136: Coming home

153: Postscript: Legacy

159: Bibliography

ISBN: 978-0-7509-5389-4

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