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The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry Chronicle 1958



Chronicle of 1st Green Jackets, 43rd and 52nd and The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry Chronicle 1958

Compiled and Edited by Brigadier-General C. G. Higgins, C.M.G., D.S.O., D.L. Volume LX January to December 1958.

Published 1959 – Sydney Lee (Exeter) Ltd. Hardcover.



  1. The Army List September 1958 -p.1
  2. Extracts from the ‘London Gazette’ -p.3
  3. Regular Officers of the Regiment Extra-Regimentally Employed -p.6
  4. Former Officers of the Regiment on the Active List -p.7
  5. Reorganisation of the Green Jackets Brigade -p.8
  6. Letters and Messages Exchanged on Leaving the Infantry Brigade -p.9
  7. Inaugration Parade of the New Green Jackets Brigade -p.11
  8. Records of the 1st Green Jackets, 43rd and 52nd -p.12
  9. Summary of the 1st Green Jackets, 43rd and 52nd Diary -p.15
  10. First Green Jackets, 43rd and 52nd Letter -p.27
  11. Polo -p.34
  12. Town Company -p.35
  13. First Green Jackets, 43rd and 52nd, Records of Sport and Training 1958 -p.39
  14. Records of Regimental Headquarters -p.46
  15. Regimental Headquarters Letter -p.47
  16. Regimental Cricket Week -49
  17. Records of the Fourth Battalion -p.55
  18. Fourth Battalion Letter -p.58
  19. Regimental Dinner -p.64
  20. 52nd Light Infantry Luncheon (First World War) -p.65
  21. 43rd Light Infantry Dinner (Second World War) -p.66
  22. 52nd Light Infantry Dinner(Second World War) -p.67
  23. 43rd Light Infantry (Mesopotamia) Luncheon -p.68
  24. The Wolfe Society Dinner -p.69
  25. Fishmongers’ Company Livery Dinner -p.70
  26. I Write As I Please -p.71
  27. On Safari -p.82
  28. Old Soldiers and Guardians of the Queen’s Peace -p.86
  29. North American Holiday  -p.98
  30. Old Comrades’ Association 1957 -p.105
  31. Marriage -p. 106
  32. Obituary -p.107
  33. Index -p.109

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