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Bugle & Sabre XI

Bugle & Sabre XI


Bugle & Sabre Issue Eleven.

Magazine covering Military History in  Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. This issue features an article by comedian (and military historian) Al Murray, adapted from his lecture at the Waterside Theatre, Aylesbury in April 2018.

Contents: Update from Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum by Ursula Corcoran, Museum Director; The battles of Es Sinn & Ctesiphon by Kevin Tobin; The Last Charge by Ian Beckett; National Filling Factory No. 9 by Stanley C. Jenkins; Entertaining the Troops - Trench Humour by Alistair Murray; Richard Lee: the Diary of a RAMC Wardmaster in Oxford by Victoria Wood; The Kaiserschlacht - The Emperor's Battle 1918, by Ingram Murray; Photo Feature - Some Local War Memorials by Stanley C. Jenkins; Witney Aerodrome Centenary, by Stanley C. Jenkins; Teaching the First World War, by Victoria Wood.

Edited by Stanley C. Jenkins

64 pages

Soft Cover

ISBN: 978-09-930849-3-5

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