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Arnhem - John Frost Bridge (Image Copyright: Stephen Berridge)
Arnhem - John Frost Bridge (Image Copyright: Stephen Berridge)
When the Oxf and Bucks went “A Bridge Too Far” – 26th September 1944
Arnhem - John Frost Bridge (Image Copyright: Stephen Berridge)

John Frost Bridge, Arnhem (Image ©Stephen Berridge)

On this day 26th September 1944


During the night 25th/26th the withdrawal, codenamed “Operation Berlin”, takes place under heavy German fire.

Boats of the British and Canadian engineers ferry about 2500 men across the Rhine.

'Market-Garden' is over.

Brigadier Lathbury (43rd) Commander 1st Parachute Brigade – Wounded & Evader.
Major Haig (4th Bn & 52nd) Divisional Provost – Wounded twice & Evacuated.
Major Wallis (4th Bn) 2IC 2nd Parachute Battalion – Killed.
Major Tatham-Warter (52nd) OC A Coy 2nd Parachute Battalion – Evader - Awarded DSO.
Captain Moy-Thomas (52nd) Staff Captain 1st Airlanding Brigade – Killed.
Captain Robson (52nd) 1st Airlanding Brigade GSO3 – Wounded & Evacuated.
Captain Blatch (Bucks) Glider Pilot Regiment - Awarded DFC.
Lieutenant Grayburn (43rd) A Coy 2nd Parachute Battalion – Killed - Awarded the VC posthumously.
Lieutenant Eastwood (52nd) 21st Independent Parachute Company – Evacuated. Awarded MC.


IWM HU 3722

This photograph from the IWM shows survivors of the 1st British Airborne Division photographed in Nijmegen after the withdrawal across the Rhine 26th September 1944.

Two 52nd members of the Divisional Defence Platoon are pictured. On the back row the first man on the left is Private Jack Cohen, while on to front row to the extreme right is Lance Corporal S. “Judy” Wright.

IWM HU 5417

In the above image, Captain Robson can be seen seated in the centre of the photograph with other survivors after the evacuation over the Rhine.

Map from “Victory in the West Volume 2 The Defeat of Germany” by Major L .F. Ellis and James Butler 1962

Map from “Victory in the West Volume 2 The Defeat of Germany” by Major L .F. Ellis and James Butler (1962)

This blog is the final part of a series which published each day from 17th to 26th September 2021, 77 years on from the day in which the events described took place.

Stephen Berridge has long been a volunteer at Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum, and has an encyclopedic knowledge of all things Oxf & Bucks Light Infantry - his knowledge has helped us put together a number of our exhibits - most recently a new Battles display featuring stories from Arnhem.

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