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Military Life: A Child’s Experience – Object Appeal

Military Life: A Child's Experience - Appeal for Objects & Stories

From June until November 2022, we have a new exhibition, Military Life: A Child's Experience and one of the themes it will explore is what life is like for the children of serving military.

We are covering the 1950's up to present day and have lots of current material but very little that cover 1950-1990.

If you have any images, maybe photographs or letters/postcards memorabilia or even gifts perhaps sent from overseas and would be happy for these to be exhibited we would love to have these to share with our visitors. We would need the objects from May and any stories that might be included on the exhibition panels from now until mid-March as we write the exhibition text.

Running alongside the exhibition is a timeline of toys/comics/books from the 1950's too, and we are currently gathering these.

Please get in touch if you can help! You can contact us using the form below or email us at museumdirector@sofo.org.uk

The exhibition will follow on from our previous Children and War exhibition

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