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Gallery activities for all the family at SOFO

What shall we do at SOFO today? Year-round gallery activities for families.


Try our family fun-packed Stamp Trail, which sends your young historians on an adventure around the Museum, searching for clues and collecting stamps in a Soldiers of Oxfordshire passport! FREE with ticket entry.

Life is more fun with a hat. Pop up to see us and take your pick of our historic hats, from a French Adrienne helmet to an outrageous ostrich feather creation. Each has a clue inside which leads you and your family to one of the Museum’s compelling stories.
Don’t forget to take a selfie before you switch your hat for another! FREE With ticket entry.

Visit the jewels in the crown of the SOFO experience: our life-size exhibits. Jump into a section of a Horsa glider and listen to the stories of those who landed in them on D-Day; walk into a World War I trench and peer though the periscope onto No Mans Land; or try out our World War II Anderson shelter for size. FREE with ticket entry.

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