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Oxfordshire's Military Heritage in 50 Objects

A sign immitating a typical pub sign. It was the sign for the HQ of 'D', or 'Banbury', Squadron of the Oxfordshire Yeomanry during the Great War. Black text on a green background at the top reads 'Ye Banbury Arms' while the painted illustration shows a soldier, in Great War uniform, on horseback, waving goodbye to a small crowd of people as he leaves a town. Behind him, a rainbow stretches across the sky

The Oxfordshire Yeomanry D Squadron 'pub' sign.


From September 2023, The Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum will be launching a brand-new outreach talk, Oxfordshire’s Military Heritage in 50 Objects.

The museum holds a fascinating collection of over 14,500 objects. Fifty objects across the archive have been selected to provide moments of insight into the county’s military history. These objects reflect on the personal stories of not only those who fought in both The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry and Oxfordshire Yeomanry regiments, but also those living in Oxfordshire who have been impacted by conflict.

Prices start from £65, and can be delivered over Zoom or in person at your organisation's venue.

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Great War Field Telephone set. A cuboid wooden case with a top that opens up like a suitcase or trunk. The lid of the box is folded open, revealing a black handset. The tan phone cord can attached to the handset disappears into the wooden housing. A black and white technical diagram is attached to the inside of the lid.

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