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SOFO Museum Shop

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The Soldiers of Oxfordshire Museum Shop

The items below are available to purchase on our website, we have many more items available in the Museum shop located at reception.

Robbie Bear

10” Robbie Bear with Soldiers of Oxfordshire bow


Buster Bear

5” Buster Bear with Soldiers of Oxfordshire camoflauge T-shirt


Oxfordshire WW1 Book

Oxfordshire Remembering

1914-18 by Jane Cotter


Spitfire Scarf

Luxury Spitfire Scarf made with cashmere


Churchill T-Shirt

An adult size white cotton t-shirt with an image of Churchill on horseback at the Grand Manoeuvres in 1910. 


Witty Postcard Tshirt

A children's cotton tshirt available in various sizes with an image of a witty First World War postcard.


The Royal Flying Corps in Oxfordshire: 1912-1918

Peter F Wright's book 'The Royal Flying Corps in Oxfordshire: 1912-1918' (Revised Edition 2015). This revised and expanded edition will give new readers some idea of the part played played by the emergent Royal Flying Corps in the history of early aviation in the County of Oxfordshire.



James Campbell Talk

‘The Drawings of EH Shepard’

Wednesday 8th March 2017. 7.00pm - 8.30pm.  


Shabrini Basu Talk

‘Queen Victoria and Abdul Karim’


Wednesday 12th April 2017. 7.00pm - 8.30pm. 


Peter Doyle Talk

‘The Raising of Kitchener’s Army’


Wednesday 14th June 2017. 7.00pm - 8.30pm. 


Peter Hart Talk



Wednesday 11th October 2017. 7.00pm - 8.30pm. 


1916 'A Remembrance' Event

3pm, Sunday 4th December 2016

St. Mary Magdalene Church, Woodstock