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OBLI Bugle Horn

The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

Two 18th Century regiments, the 43rd Regiment of Foot and the 52nd Regiment of Foot, went through several name changes.  By coincidence, they often served together, both being founder regiments of the Light Division in 1803, then serving side by side throughout the Peninsular War. In 1881 they were united into the county regiment, The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. It then had two battalions, the 1st Battalion being known as the 43rd, the 2nd as the 52nd, together often known as the "43rd and 52nd".

This single regiment served with distinction all over the world until in 1958 they joined the Green Jackets Brigade, a few years later becoming the 1st Bn The Royal Green Jackets. Recently, in 2007, The Royal Green Jackets were in turn absorbed, with three other regiments, into The Rifles. 

Many of the traditions of the 43rd and 52nd became firm habits of The Royal Green Jackets and can still be seen strongly in The Rifles.

One tradition that has been difficult to maintain on this website is the regimental intense dislike of the abbreviation, "OBLI". We hope the ghosts of times past forgive us!

Like many other regiments, The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry had many battle honours.

The Buckinghamshire battalions of the regiment, which were largely volunteers, are researched in detail by the Bucks Military Museum Trust.