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Stephen Barker

Stephen Barker is an independent military historian and museum education specialist. His interest in SOFO relates particularly to promoting the public’s understanding of their local military heritage and supporting young people’s appreciation of the participation of their forebears in conflict.  He is concerned to develop the role of intergenerational activity, multicultural participation and to utilise objects’ ‘power’ to enhance curiosity and learning. He has worked on a range of educational activities relating to the British Civil Wars and 20th Century conflicts.

Stephen was a trustee of the Battlefields Trust for several years working alongside Richard Holmes and Robert Hardy amongst others.  As a trustee he worked on communication and joint projects with English Heritage.  From 1998, he was secretary of the Midlands Branch of the Battlefields Trust and wrote the Educational materials for the Trust's website.
In 2004, Stephen led a team to a successful HLF bid to establish a Battlefield Trail between Edgehill, and Edgcote via Cropredy Bridge.  This was expanded to include an archaeological survey of the Edgehill battlefield with Dr Glenn Foard.  Stephen gives talks about the Civil war in Oxfordshire to local history societies.

In 2009, Stephen published 'Lancashire's Forgotten Heroes' - a history of the 8th East Lancs in the Great War.  He is a member of the Western Front Association and continues to actively research.

In 2006 Stephen was appointed Education Officer at Banbury Museum, building on his experience as a primary school teacher and Head. He completed his MA in Museum Studies at Leicester University in 2011.