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SOFO Collection

View some of the items we have on display at the museum.

The Soldiers of Oxfordshire Collection

The items below are available to view in our museum, we have many more collections and exhibitions in the main museum.

A Book of poetry, For this Alone, written in camp by RAF POW R.P.L. Mogg and illustrated by a fellow POW.

BSA Parabike, 1940s, used by British airborne troops.

A First World War boy soldier’s bugle.

The hoof of a small mare ridden by Captain E. H. Whitfield from September 1916 until 16 February 1917, tragically killed by a shell at Aveluy to the north of Albert.

A 1796 Calvary Pattern Sabre, dated to 1798, and engraved ‘Oxfordshire Yeomanry’.

An album containing a collection of cuttings and photographs of Kut by 2nd Lieutenant Charles Ingleton Widcombe of the Provisional Battalion (afterwards 43rd).

A First World War German 'coal skuttle' type steel helmet

An ink pot found in the Guard Room at the Kashmir Gate, Delhi by Captain T. A. Julian of the 52nd Light Infantry

A unique and exceptional copy of 'The Oxfordshire Hussars in the Great War' by Adrian Keith-Falconer

A silver presentation bowl engraved “D Troop OYC J H Gregory Best Swordsman 1880”.

Precision made prismatic binoculars in a leather case by Goerz- Berlin and engraved "A. W. Keith-Falconer QOOH"